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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Szakpolitikai állásfoglalása az uniós követelményekkel harmonizált élethosszig tartó életút támogató (pályaorientációs) tanácsadási/ orientációs nemzeti rendszer kialakításáról
By iccdppadm @ 1:51 PM :: 18559 Views :: 15 Comments :: :: Career Development, Public Policy, Expanding Access to Guidance, Co-ordination and Leadership, European Union (EU), Hungary

This is the first document published on this site in Hungarian. It is the policy statement adopted by the National Lifelong Guidance Council in July 2008, the English version of which can also be found on this site.

  1. It outlines reform measures required to develop an interlinked lifelong guidance system
  2. It provides an overview of guidance service developments in the last 30 years in Hungary set against the background of international developments
  3. The statement presents a set of proposals for building a nationally coordinated system - key tasks and specific steps for the policy areas of education, training and employment.
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