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Articles from Europe
Sunday, September 23, 2012
By iccdppadm @ 8:53 PM :: 12597 Views :: 5 Comments :: :: Training and Qualifications, European Union (EU), Europe, United Kingdom, Co-ordination and Leadership
This is a Report of a Working Group established by the Scottish Government to examine current practice and propose future strategic directions for the development of the career guidance workforce in Scotland. Published in July 2012, it describes role profiles in the guidance workforce and the types of qualifications that are open to them to pursue. While the publication specifically examines what happens in Scotland, this is a useful document for countries who already have and/or who are preparing to develop a career guidance workforce. Many interesting Case Studies are presented.
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Sunday, September 23, 2012
By iccdppadm @ 7:46 PM :: 12957 Views :: 25 Comments :: :: European Union (EU), Europe, United Kingdom, Co-ordination and Leadership, Career Management Skills
The Framework, published by Skills Development Scotland in July 2012, describes career management skills set around 4 themes:
  • Self - developing a sense of self in society
  • Strengths - acknowledging and building on one's strengths and experiences
  • Horizons - visualising futures, and planning and realising them
  • Networks - developing support relationships and networks.

The skills are presented as "I" statements accompanied by descriptions of behaviours that demonstrate the possession of such skills. The Framework is intended to assist the design and development of resources to support the development of such skills in a variety of learning settings (school to adult), and to provide a common language in Scotland for all organisations involved in the delivery of careers information, advice and guidance. The publication gives advice on ways to implement the Framework.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
By iccdppadm @ 8:36 PM :: 13196 Views :: 29 Comments :: :: European Union (EU), Europe, Co-ordination and Leadership, Germany
This document published by the National Guidance Forum of Germany is a flyer/shortened version of the publication Career Guidance in Germany which can be found elsewhere on this website.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
By iccdppadm @ 8:28 PM :: 14224 Views :: 9 Comments :: :: European Union (EU), Europe, Co-ordination and Leadership, Germany
This document produced by the National Guidance Forum of Germany is a shortened form/flyer based on the complete description of Career Guidance in Germany given elsewhere on this website. This is the German language version.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
By iccdppadm @ 8:23 PM :: 7200 Views :: 20 Comments :: :: European Union (EU), Europe, Co-ordination and Leadership, Germany

Career Guidance in Germany


This brochure, published by the National Guidance Forum of Germany, gives an overview of the basic structure of the German guidance system especially for our partners in the European Union and beyond. In general, the German system provides access to educational and career guidance services for all citizens at any stage of their lives – whether they are in education or training, employed, unemployed or looking for continuing education. The structure of guidance provision reects the German education and employment system with its shared responsibilities between the Federation, the Lander and the municipalities. Hence, the provision of career guidance is traditionally based on the distinction between educational guidance  (Bildungsberatung) in the educational sector and vocational guidance  (Berufsberatung) in the vocational training and employment sector. Cooperation across the sectors is in this context crucial. Beginning with an introduction into the German educational system, the brochure follows the life course describing guidance provisions in schools, vocational education, higher education, and for employment, unemployment and continuing education. Additional sections deal with guidance for special target groups and guidance through the internet. With chapters on quality and professionalism in guidance and on European cooperation, the brochure also considers systemic issues of professional development. Social and economic changes remain a permanent challenge for further developing lifelong guidance in the context of lifelong learning needs.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
By iccdppadm @ 8:05 PM :: 5494 Views :: 0 Comments :: Public Policy, European Union (EU), Europe, Co-ordination and Leadership, Germany

Bildungs- und Berufsberatung in Deutschland

 Diese Broschüre gibt den ausländischen Partnern in der Europäischen Union und darüber hinaus einen Überblick über die Grundstruktur des Systems der Bildungs- und  Berufsberatung in Deutschland. Für jeden Lebensabschnitt – sei es in Schule, Studium, Aus- und Weiterbildung, im Beruf oder bei Arbeitslosigkeit – bietet das deutsche Beratungssystem grundsätzlich allen Bürgerinnen und Bürgern Zugang zu Beratungsdiensten. Charakterisiert durch die geteilten Zuständigkeiten zwischen Bund, Ländern und Kommunen, die das deutsche Bildungs- und Beschäftigungssystem prägen, beruht das Beratungssystem traditionell auf der Unterscheidung zwischen Bildungs- und Weiterbildungsberatung im Bildungsbereich auf der einen und Berufsberatung für den Ausbildungs- und Beschäftigungssektor auf der anderen Seite. Bereichsübergreifende Kooperation und Vernetzung sind deshalb wesentlich. Nach einer kurzen Einführung in das deutsche Bildungssystem beschreibt die Broschüre die Beratungsangebote in Schule, Ausbildung und Hochschule, im Arbeitsleben und bei Weiterbildungsbedarf. Beratung für besondere Zielgruppen sowie Beratung über das Internet werden in eigenen Abschnitten näher betrachtet. Kapitel über Qualität und Professionalität und die europäische Kooperation in diesem Bereich berichten über die permanenten Bemühungen um die professionelle Weiterentwicklung des Beratungssystems. Denn der gesellschaftliche Wandel stellt eine kontinuierliche Herausforderung für die Verbesserung lebensbegleitender Beratungsangebote im Kontext lebenslangen Lernens dar.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011
By iccdppadm @ 7:20 PM :: 12017 Views :: 7 Comments :: :: Public Policy, Expanding Access to Guidance, Funding Career Guidance, Europe, United Kingdom

This report produced for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills addresses how technology is reshaping the career support market and the implications of this for policy makers and for the funding and delivery of services. The career support market is defined as the conceptual space within which individuals who desire career support transact with those who provide it. Technology contributes not only to increasing consumer choice and to improving the cost-effectiveness of services; it has also led to the development of new service paradigms, especially through social media applications.  It has changed how career support is being experienced by individuals and how the support services are managed, delivered and taken up. 

The report describes different styles of government intervention in the career support market involving the use of technology, including some international comparisons, and the business models that underpin the market. It provides some conclusions on the role of the government in the market in general, and its roles in ensuring more creative and strategic use of the opportunities provided by technology.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010
By iccdppadm @ 8:50 PM :: 12569 Views :: 48 Comments :: :: Guidance in Schools and Training, Guidance in Tertiary Education, Guidance for Young People at Risk, Assessing Effectiveness, Europe, United Kingdom

This publication (2008) written for the CfBT by Dr Deirdre Hughes is situated in UK policy aims of increasing the participation of young people in further education and training in the UK with specific targeted increases for years 2013 and 2015. In particular the publication examines how the impact of information, advice and guidance services can be assessed in assisting the achievement of such targets. This is an important question facing policy-makers, service delivery managers, practitioners and as well as the concerned public.

While written for a UK audience, the text is an excellent source of knowledge and information on general issues concerning evidence, its nature and collection, and on possible policy performance indicators. Its chapters cover:

  • key questions about evidence
  • the evidence base
  • strategies, tips and tools for measuring and assessing the impact of careers and guidance-related interventions
  • the customer voice-personalisation.

A very useful glossary of terms is provided in Appendix 2. Highly recommended.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Kosovo: Career Guidance Policy and Practice Review by ETF
By iccdppadm @ 1:48 AM :: 12559 Views :: 6 Comments :: :: Career Development, Public Policy, Developing Countries, Europe, Co-ordination and Leadership

This paper produced by Helmut Zelloth of the European Training Foundation (ETF) traces the history of career guidance provision in the education, training and employment sectors in Kosovo particularly since 2001. Based on field visit observations and relevant documentation, the paper sets out the strengths, weaknesses, and policy and other recommendations for career guidance provision in Kosovo.

Kosovo is a landlocked country with boundaries of 702 kms and a population of 1.8m people. Its population is aged mainly under 28 years.

This paper is a useful description of one country's experience in charting the way forward to developing a policy and system for guidance provision where none existed previously.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009
Review of career guidance policies in 11 acceding and candidate countries - synthesis report
By iccdppadm @ 3:17 AM :: 15354 Views :: 13 Comments :: :: Improving Career Information, Training and Qualifications, Ensuring Quality, Assessing Effectiveness, Europe, European Training Foundation (ETF), Expanding Access to Guidance, Co-ordination and Leadership
In 2002 at the request of the European Commission, the ETF began information on policies for career guidance in 11 countries in the process of accession or who had candidate status to entry to the European Union. This is the first synthesis report produced by the ETF. The data collected focused on key goals and policy instruments, roles of stakeholders, targeting and access, staffing and financing, quality assurance, delivery settings and methods, and evidence base.
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