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Articles from Latin America
Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Venezuela: sistema nacional de orientacion
By iccdppadm @ 2:26 AM :: 13269 Views :: 12 Comments :: :: Career Development, Public Policy, Co-ordination and Leadership, Americas, Venezuela, Latin America

This document was drawn up and recently completed by a national working group consisting of university guidance experts and some representatives of the ministries of education and higher education. Its contents cover the following:

  • Caracterization de la orientacion y del sistema nacional de orientacion
  • Bases legales
  • Mision, vision, objetivos, valores declarados
  • Organizacion: subsistemas, programas y servicios
  • Perfil del profesional de la orientacion.

It is the first such document received from Latin America, thanks to Dr Olga Oliveros of the University of Carabobo, a member of the working group.

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