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Articles from Developed Countries
One Year On: An outcome progress report and review of the process of the 4th International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy
Published on Tuesday, May 05, 2009 @ 3:37 AM by Admin Account
8915 Views :: 2 Comments :: :: Career Development, Public Policy, Developing Countries, Developed Countries, Co-ordination and Leadership

This review charts the progress reported by participants of the Fourth International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy (UK, 2007) in the national implementation of key messages of the Communique that emanated from the Symposium. The theme of the Symposium was Growth, Groups and Geographies - the Social and Economic Impact of Career Development. The review also explores the personal learning value of the Symposium to the participants, assesses the process of the Symposium itself, and considers the role of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy between international symposia.

For the symposium papers and proceedings, view the section on Symposia on this web site.

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Managing People in a Changing World: Key Trends in Human Capital: A Global Perspective 2008
Published on Thursday, November 13, 2008 @ 2:23 AM by Admin Account
10037 Views :: 1 Comments :: :: Career Development, Developed Countries, Guidance for Employed Adults

This report has been published by Human Resources Services of Price Waterhouse Saratoga. It is based on data collected from PwC Saratoga's database supplemented by secondary and external sources. The report data is organised under five headings:

  • Human capital impact
  • Human capital drivers
  • Human capital foundations
  • Human capital futures
  • The Human Resource Function.

Its particular focus is in financial results directly related to human capital performance, that is, human capital as value added business investment. It identifies a limited number of key issues that its authors consider will have impact significant impact on an organisation's future success in order to provide insight for management's attention.

The focus on measurement and types of measurement and indicators on returns for human capital investment should be of interest to policy makers and researchers concerned with returns on investment for career guidance/development services. 

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