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This article written by Tibor Bors Borbely provides the background to the present offer of guidance services in compulsory education and vocational education and training in Hungary. It describes the challenges facing the system and current developments. Read more
May 12, 2009Tibor Kovacs


This document was drawn up and recently completed by a national working group consisting of university guidance experts and some representatives of the ministries of education and higher education. Its contents cover the following: Caracterization de la orientacion y del sistema nacional de orientacion Bases legales Mision, vision, objetivos, valores declarados Organizacion: subsistemas, programas ... Read More
May 5, 2009Tibor Kovacs


Arrimer les études et le travail : l’engagement de l’Alberta en matière de développement de carrière établit des liens plus solides entre l’éducation et le travail, et fournit un accès plus coordonné aux programmes de formation professionnelle et d’emploi, ainsi qu’aux services dans un marché du travail constamment en évolution. Arrimer ... Read More
April 16, 2009Tibor Kovacs


This article, the first in the Portugese language on this site, traces historical and political developments in school based guidance delivery, drawing on international, EU and national (Portugese) policy developments and contexts, and makes proposals for change in Portugal. Read more
October 17, 2007Tibor Kovacs