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Im vorliegenden Bericht werden die Ergebnisse einer europaweiten Studie vorgestellt, die zwei Ziele verfolgte: Erfassung von Trends und Mustern in der Ausbildung von Laufbahnberatern; Erarbeitung eines gemeinsamen Kompetenzrahmens für Laufbahnberater in der Europäischen Union (EU). Die Abschnitte 1 bis 4 haben vorhandene Ausbildungs- und Qualifikationssysteme für Laufbahnberater in Europa zum Gegenstand. Untersucht werden die im ... Read More
May 15, 2012Tibor Kovacs


This article written by Tibor Bors Borbely provides the background to the present offer of guidance services in compulsory education and vocational education and training in Hungary. It describes the challenges facing the system and current developments. Read more
May 12, 2009Tibor Kovacs


In 2002 at the request of the European Commission, the ETF began information on policies for career guidance in 11 countries in the process of accession or who had candidate status to entry to the European Union. This is the first synthesis report produced by the ETF. The data collected focused ... Read More
February 15, 2009Tibor Kovacs


An examination of policies for career guidance was one component of a European Union programme (MEDA-ETE) being implemented by the European Training Foundation to support education and training for employment in the Mediterranean region. It involved 10 Mediterranean countries. The research on career guidance policies produced country reports on which ... Read More
February 15, 2009Tibor Kovacs


This joint publication of  the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) in Scotland and of Careers Scotland was produced after extensive consultation with key stakeholders such as Qualification in Career Guidance (QCG) course centres, professional bodies and associations, and potential employing organisations. The Subject Statement represents general expectations about ... Read More
November 14, 2007Tibor Kovacs


This Competency Framework for Guidance Practitioners, developed by a sub-committee of the National Guidance Forum, is designed to inform the trainers and training of guidance practioners in order to provide practitioners with the competences to assist citizens to acquire the knowledge, skills and competences to manage their learning and work (see National Lifelong Guidance ... Read More
October 15, 2007Tibor Kovacs


This expert paper was jointly commissioned by the OECD and the European Commission in 2001 as part of the OECD international review of policies for career guidance. It raises many questions on the existing training routes, on the pertinence of course content and methodology, on the lack of involvement and interest ... Read More
September 17, 2007Tibor Kovacs