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Spencer Niles

Dr. Spencer Niles serves as dean and professor of education for the College of William and Mary. Prior to this, he was a distinguished professor and the department head for educational psychology, counseling, and special education at The Pennsylvania State University. He also served as director of Penn State’s Center for the Study of Career Development and Public Policy. Previously, he served for 13 years on the faculty at the University of Virginia, during which time he was appointed professor and assistant dean for the Curry School of Education. He serves on the editorial boards of six national and international journals, directs Kuder’s research faculty, which is comprised of leading career development and psychometric experts. Some notable accomplishments include:

  • Past editor of the Journal of Counseling & Development and The Career Development Quarterly.
  • Past president of the National Career Development Association (NCDA).
  • Authored or co-authored over 120 publications and delivered over 140 presentations.
  • Fellow of the National Career Development Association and the American Counseling Association.
  • Serves on the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy Executive Board.
  • Honorary member of the Japanese Career Development Association and Italian Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance.

Ji-Yeon Lee

Dr. Lee Ji-Yeon has been a senior researcher at the Korea Research Institute of Vocational Education & Training (KRIVET) since 1997. From 2012 to 2019, she served as 13th Chairperson of the Korean Career Education Association and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Career Education Research. She was a member of the University Structural Reform Committee of the Ministry of Education, and member of the Presidential Advisory Committee, Lifelong Vocational Education. She supported the inclusion of individual career development issues in education as a whole.
From 2012 to 2019, she was Head of the Career Development Center of KRIVET, and developed guidelines for career education at the national level, detailed strategies, and various programs, and disseminated and spread them nationwide.
She received her Ph.D. in career development from the Ohio State University, USA in 1994. Her main research focus as a project manager at the KRIVET is in the fields of career development and public policy, career guidance programs for all, and career practitioner competency development. Recently she completed the the National Career Guidance Safety Net(NCGSN) project in Korea which emphasizes that individual career development support should be an essential element at the center of national policies of education, employment, and welfare. For realization of the NCGSN, she proposed related laws and systems, personnel roles, delivery methods, and quality control innovation. Currently, she is conducting the ‘Korean work ethics and values” project, analyzing generational comparisons. Next year she will compare Korean work values with those of a selection of foreign countries.

Tristram Hooley

Tristram Hooley is Professor of Career Education at the International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby. His research interests are careers policy, the evidence base in careers work and the role of technology in career development. He is also interested in careers work and social justice, the role of appearance and attractiveness in career and the careers of researchers. He is a member of the UK Careers Sector Strategic Alliance, a Winston Churchill Fellow, a Fellow of National Institute for Career Education and Counselling (NICEC) and on the editorial board of the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling. He was the specialist adviser to the House of Commons Education Committee inquiry into career guidance. He writes the Adventures in Career Development blog.

Tibor Bors Borbély-Pecze

Tibor Bors is a Senior Career Development Policy Consultant and an Associate Professor in Hungary. His specific areas of expertise are; service design and implementation of employment services and lifelong guidance. He has been also working as a commissioned expert for the European Commission, ILO, GIZ and ETF in more than 20 countries. He is the author of more than 200 journal conference paper, articles, books and book chapters.
He was the founder of the Hungarian National Lifelong Guidance Policy Council in 2008 and the first leader of the nation-wide Lifelong Guidance System Development Programme in Hungary (2008-2011). He is a Member of the Executive Board of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP) since 2011. Worked as a Strategic Policy Consultant for the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) 2013-2015. Since 2015 he is a “benchlearning assessor” for the Mutual Learning Process of the European Public Employment Services Network. He is the Co-editor of the Hungarian Labour Market Review, and a second term member of the CEDEFOP CareersNet network and of its Advisory Board. He is an international fellow of the NICEC in the UK.
Specialities are: policy, education, guidance, career development, labour market policy, policy design and development,

John McCarthy

My background has been primarily in the education policy field:

  • Policy Developer at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education and Culture focusing on Lifelong Learning.
  • Chair of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Lifelong Guidance.
  • Country policy reviewer for career guidance for the OECD and for the European Training Foundation (ETF).
  • Consultancy and training activities in five continents in areas such as national strategies for career guidance provision, higher/tertiary education policy, secondary education policy, education to labour market transitions, adult guidance, the training of guidance practitioners, quality assurance of career guidance services, and information technology and career guidance.
  • Consultant to the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network.
  • Keynote addresses at many international conferences and at national symposia/conferences.
  • Co-editor of Career guidance: a handbook for policy makers, a joint European Commission-OECD publication.
  • Author of The Skills, Training and Qualifications of Guidance Workers, an OECD International Policy Review Expert Paper.
  • Co-author of Establishing and Developing Lifelong Guidance National Policy Forums for CEDEFOP, an agency of the European Commission for the development of Vocational Education and Training.
  • Recent publication: McCarthy, J., Borsbely-Pezce, T. (2021) Career guidance: living on the edge of public policy. In, Robertson, P.J., Hooley, T., and McCash, P. (Eds.) Oxford Handbook of Career Development. Oxford: Oxford University Press

My interests include reading, music, and sports in general

Steffen Jensen

Steffen Jensen has been working with educational policy in the Danish Ministry of Education since 1983. He retired from his post as head of division in the ministry in 2016 and is now a private consultant with projects mainly in the educational sector.
Since 2003 Steffen has been head of the division for guidance in the ministry and in that capacity he has been responsible for the implementation and development of the Danish educational guidance system. He was member of the European Commission’s expert group om guidance and from 2007 of ELGPN (The European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network).
Prior to his work in the guidance field Steffen was head of divisions on statistics, economy and information technology. He began his career in the ministry as inspector general of upper secondary education.
After his graduation for the University of Copenhagen in mathematics and physics he worked as a teacher in these subjects in an upper secondary school.

Natalia Orellana

Natalia Orellana is President and co-founder of Fundación OCIDES for Career Development and Lifelong Guidance. She is a higher education researcher and manager at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She is responsible for the BIESTRA Project, the major collaborative Encounter for Higher Education and World of Work held in Chile, since 2011, that every two years brings together researchers, professionals and policy makers to promote capacity building in higher education policy and practice. Her research interests are higher education and work, career development, student development, professionalization of higher education and quality assurance. She holds a master’s degree on Higher Education Research from INCHER-Kassel at University of Kassel, Germany, and holds a PhD from the joint programme of higher education research by the Center for Comparative Educational Policies (CPCE) of University Diego Portales (Chile) and the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University (Netherlands).

Sareena Hopkins

As Executive Director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF), Sareena works in Canada and internationally to strengthen the reach and impact of career development through:

  • Innovative Research & Development: moving from ideas to new resources/tools to sustained implementation, all the while building the evidence base to inform policy and practice;
  • Policy Consultation: bridging silos and bringing policy solutions that are attuned to the realities of stakeholders;
  • Training: developing and delivering a wide range of training/PD tailored to those working across settings to support stronger career development for citizens of all ages;
  • Leadership: Working with diverse partners to enrich and strengthen career services and to integrate career, community, health, economic and workforce development.

Sareena is an active member of the FLMM Labour Market Information Council’s National Advisory Panel and RBC’s Future of Skills Expert Advisory Council. In addition to her role with CCDF, Sareena is the founding Executive Officer of the Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD) and was awarded the International Gold Medal for Leadership in Career Development in 2014.

Sally Sinclair

Sally Sinclair is the CEO of the National Employment Services Association, the peak body for the Australian employment services sector. Sally has been instrumental in informing key stakeholders both domestically and internationally on addressing employment and inclusion challenges including strengthening the integration of employment, education and training, and increasing employment of disadvantaged job seekers including Indigenous job seekers, people with disability, long term unemployed, youth and mature aged.

Sally has over three decades of domestic and international expertise in the design, development and delivery of employment services. Her experience spans the not for profit and for profit sectors, as well as numerous government appointments and industry expert groups. Among her expert roles, Sally is a member the Minister’s National Disability and Carers Advisory Council (NDCAC), the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Market Oversight Advisory Group, the New Employment Services Trial Reference Group and the VET Stakeholder Committee. Sally is also the Chair of the NDCAC Employment Reform Working Group.

Sally was a member of the Australian Government’s Welfare Reform Reference Group, the G20 Civil Society 20 (C20) Steering Committee, the Minister’s Employment Services 2020 Expert Advisory Panel and the five working groups – Digital Services, Employer Engagement, Job Seeker Activation and Assessment, Provider and Enhanced Services and Regional and Local Approaches. Sally was also the Chair of the C20 Inclusive Growth and Employment Working Group.

Sally is a member of the OECD Local Development Forum and is an expert advisor to the OECD’s Employment and Skills Strategies in Southeast Asia (ESSSA) initiative. Sally is a Board member of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP). Sally holds a BSc (Hons) from the University of Melbourne, majoring in neuropsychology.

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  1. dave fretwell :


    This is a brief note to follow-up on the recent signing of the MOU between ICCDPP and IVETA.

    IVETA is holding an intentional conference in Las Vegas in December, in parallel with the US Association of Career and Technical Education. This might be a good opportunity for some direct interaction and planning. Specifically, would you or another ICCDPP representative possibly be able to attend. We could probably set aside some time for you or one of the Board members to present ICCDPP to our gathering as well providing you an opportunity to meet with ACTE participants as this part of the Conference has special sessions for Career Guidance and related natoinal and international associations. You can find out more about the IVETA conference at by clicking on the events section of our website, then going to November. You can find out more about the ACTE Career Vision 2022 conference at their website.

    I am the IVETA vice president for North America and Coordinator of the above-mentioned IVETA conference. During my time at the World Bank I was one of the founding members of ICCDPP. I have been directly involved in the career guidance field for many years at the State (Oregon), national NOICC and CIDS, and international levels. I have been able to include career guidance components into multiple workforce development projects in middle- and lower-income countries, I led an on-site survey of the status of Career Guidance in a number of developing countries modeled on the initial OECD survey. I have participated in several ICCDPP conferences and have known and worked with John for a number of years. PS: I am originally from Alberta but now live in California.

    Please get back to me by EM, or phone 7036060865 or we could do a brief zoom call to talk about downstream cooperation. I will be traveling internationally from Sept 5-18 and a bit out of touch. We can possibly visit before I leave, or after I get back. I look forward to visiting with you

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