International Symposium 2011 – Budapest

Presentations and speeches

Participating countries

Australia | Austria | Canada | Croatia | Czech Republic | Cyprus | Denmark | Estonia | Germany | Hungary | India | Ireland | Israel | Kosovo | Latvia | Lebanon | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Russia | Serbia | South Africa | South-Korea | Spain | The Netherlands | Turkey | United Kingdom | United States of America


The organising team

Project leader:
Tibor Bors Borbély-Pecze PhD.
Project management:
Tibor Kovács, Péter Kustán
Leader of the facilitators:
Rita Répáczki
Organising and assistance:
Viktória Benei

Short summary

The Sixth International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy (IS2011) aimed to build closer dialogues and linkages between career guidance policy makers in the fields of education, employment, economic development and social inclusion, and with strategic professional leaders and researchers.
The four sub-themes for IS2011 were:

  1. Political, economic and social changes and the changing role of career guidance and career guidance policies.
  2. Lifelong guidance policy as a part of integrated human resource development policies – challenges and opportunities.
  3. The changing world and the changing role of career guidance – skills and competencies for lifelong guidance practitioners.
  4. Evidence-based practice; evidence-based policies.

The symposium was attended by 127 representatives from 31 countries.

Country papers