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This website is a knowledge centre that provides up to date information on career guidance policies and systems, drawn from countries and international organisations worldwide. The site contains many types of documents in different languages from different corners of the world that link career guidance with public policies for education, vocational training, employment, and other social policy fields.

The website includes a variety of career guidance policy materials to help you in your role as career guidance policy developer, ministry official, international organisation and international association official, national or regional careers service manager, researcher, trainer of guidance practitioners, or leader of a national or regional career guidance professional association.

ICCDPP, as an organisation, facilitates and promotes international policy sharing and learning through the international exchange of knowledge and information concerning public policy and career development issues.

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Latest Examples of Good Practice

Norway has a population of over 5 million people, spread over 19 counties or administrative areas.

This fiche describes the recent progress being made in the development of a lifelong guidance system in Norway.

Estonia with a population of 1.25 million people has embarked on a very ambitious plan to become an e-country with the project known as e-Estonia. E-services have become routine: e-elections, e-taxes, e-police, e-healthcare, e-banking, e-school, and now e-Residency. Factor into that e-Guidance in the education and labour market sectors!

Established on a pilot basis in 2010, these centres now exist in 30 regions in Finland. Their aim is to provide basic support to youth (aged under 30 years) going through life transitions. The centres have institutional representation from municipal, education, social and health authorities so that young people can find the services or combination of services they need in one physical location. The centre staff provide face to face complementary support to the national telephone helpline.

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