NORWAY: Developing a Lifelong Guidance System

Norway has a population of over 5 million people, spread over 19 counties or administrative areas.

This fiche describes the recent progress being made in the development of a lifelong guidance system in Norway.

Young people in Norway have a legal right to career guidance. Since 2005 partnerships for career guidance provision have been established in each county, most of which have established Regional Career Centres. Theses centres support career guidance work in schools and in the public employment services. There is significant variation in how the partnerships operate in different countries. To improve consistency in services and tools for career guidance across the counties, a national unit for lifelong guidance has been established (2011), together with a national coordination group, and a national forum of stakeholders. Recent efforts have been directed at improving the professionalisation of guidance workers. Read on!

ICCDPP Promising Practices Template – Norway